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"If you have ever been interested in developing yourself, understanding yourself or helping others to help themselves, this is worth every penny. World class trainers teaching you the skills to coach yourself and others is valuable whether in relationships or at the work place. Big thumbs up!"
"I highly recommend WCO for anyone interested in developing themselves and learning about coaching! I have gained valuable skills and confidence through their trainings and also met some amazing people. Thank you Pauliina and Aksu!"
"Inspiring, engaging, practical, and so much fun! In addition to providing an introduction to coaching tools to use both professionally and personally, the WCO course drastically improved the way I view human communication and interaction overall. Thank you for a jump start on my way to a new mindset! Full recommendation for anyone, really."
"This is a great organisation providing highly interactive and engaging courses. I love the fact that they maintain their course fees at an accessible level for everyone and still put 100% into every minute. Actually they are not just courses...they are actually life experiences. Nice one guys!"