The Year of Your Life 2019 - Make New Year Resolutions that you are actually going to keep
The Year of Your Life 2019 - Make New Year Resolutions that you are actually going to keep
The Year of Your Life 2019 - Make New Year Resolutions that you are actually going to keep
The Year of Your Life 2019 - Make New Year Resolutions that you are actually going to keep

The Year of Your Life 2019 - Make New Year Resolutions that you are actually going to keep

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WHAT COULD BE POSSIBLE FOR YEAR 2019? Maybe it is something that still feels impossible.


We designed this online course for all of us who want to take our lives back into our own hands and are ready to work for achieving our goals and dreams. 

In other words, this is a course that helps you to make New Year Resolutions for 2019 that you are actually going to keep. Why can we say so? Because the course is based on coaching methods that we use with our clients and coaching courses every day and we have seen that these methods work. It only needs your time, your willingness to do the work and the guidance that this course provides. And did we already say that the best part is that this course is 100% online, so you can do it no matter where you are?

So, are you ready to make better new year resolutions than ever before?


  • You have reflected on and closed the year 2018 - you can let go of this year and focus on the year 2019.
  • You have clear and motivating goals for 2019 and you feel confident that you are going to achieve these goals.
  • You have a concrete plan what to do after you have done the course.
  • You have received concrete ideas and tools for self-reflection and self-coaching also for the future (also to do this again for year 2020, which we TOTALLY think you will ;).


You will receive a link for the course within the next 24 hours. From there you can make the course when ever you feel most suitable for it, but make sure you will have some "quiet time" on your own to watch the course videos and make the reflections that are included in the course.  The course contains 3 videos that are in total 1 hour and 6 minutes long altogether. The course contains also a course workbook. In the course videos your coach Pauliina Hallama guides you through the course and gives you inspiring exercises to do.  

You will receive the course directly to your e-mail so you will not have to remember any logins or passwords for the course, but you can focus on what matters. 


The course is divided into two different parts: 

  1. Thank you 2018: Taking the best of the past year
  2. Hello year 2019: Making the best of the new year

To do the course properly you need two different time slots, preferably during two different days. The first day you review the ongoing year, what has been good, what has not been so great and what was missing this year. You pay respects for the year 2018 and see all the good and the bad in it. You gain clarity on where you are in life at this point. After this day you are ready to move on to next year and design the best year of your life so far.

The second day you find and choose clear focus points for the year 2019 and draft three goals for yourself to keep. After the day you will also know how you can make sure you will actually achieve these goals this year.


  1. Either a printed or digital version of the course workbook (which you will get when you register)
  2. A suitable place for you to quiet down and complete the tasks at your own pace (make sure your relatives will not disturb you too much!). What is practical and inspires you? Places that have worked for us before include a cozy sofa at home, a warm fireplace, a beach view (if you have one), countryside, cafe… What helps you to feel good, relaxed and gets you on the mood? Keep in mind that you do not need to find the perfect place or the perfect moment, it is more important that you take time to do this and have some privacy to focus and to connect with yourself and your desires. 
  3. We also recommend treats like good food, candles, etc. to keep you going!

WHAT IS THE COURSE FEE? The course fee is 95 euros.
As our Christmas present, once you register for the course, you get one extra course for free! (This offer is valid until 31.12.2018). Just make sure you have the extra person's e-mail ready once you buy the course. 

If you want to get this to your whole team or organization, our deal is that you can get it for 50 euros (+VAT) per person, if you have at least 10 people in your group. You will all receive individual links for the course and can do this course individually. 


Well.. what are you waiting for, go ahead and register yourself! We can't wait for you to do so!

ALMOST FORGOT! Just to give you a hint: we think this would be the ultimate Christmas present for any loved one. No materialistic bulls*** but great personal growth wrapped in a nice and logical online course. What could be any better?

ANY QUESTIONS? Go ahead, write us!