Free Coaching Consultation

Free Coaching Consultation

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What is the area that - if your satisfaction on it was to improve significantly - would make the biggest difference in your life or in your business?

A coaching process is designed to boost your personal and/or professional life on any significant area(s). We will work together all the way from exploring where you are right now in your life towards what will serve you best in the near and far future, your desires, your dreams, your needs, your fulfillment, your success.

What is the free coaching consultation about?

  • You can try coaching for free for 30 minutes with one of our WCO Master Coaches (in Finnish or English, Skype or face-to-face). Take the chance to see, feel and decide if you want to pursue your coaching process further!
  • Instead, or in addition, you can also spend this time with us to discuss any questions related to the International Coaching Certification course.

Your Coach will contact you soon after your booking to check on your expectations and to schedule a meeting with you.

Looking forward to cooperating with you and co-piloting with you on this journey!